Here are a few helpful storage tips:

Wrap glass and other breakable items in roll wrap bubble sheets, paper pads, or quilts. Always use sturdy boxes for glassware. Do not stack heavier boxes on top of boxes containing glassware.
Keep mirrors and framed artwork upright and use cardboard corner protectors to prevent damage. Store heavier/bulky furniture in back of unit for easier access of frequently used items. Be sure to use paper pads or cloth to protect furniture from scratches. For leather and antique furniture, climate controlled units are recommended.
Store heavier items on the bottom and light items on the top. Label your boxes on three sides to save from having to move them around to find the contents. Disassemble table legs and bed frames.
Store expensive items to the back of the space and place large pieces of furniture to the front of the space. Items that are frequently used should be stored at the front of the unit for easy access. Maintain a written inventory of items in your space.
Cover mattresses with a mattress cover to prevent dust from getting on the mattress. We also sell mattress covers on-site for convenience.